Growing Momentum and Partnerships To Restore Voting Rights

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Open to everyone, The Florida Voters Campaign PAC  believes the more engaged the population the better. That is one thing we learned early on. We learned that the more we have voters voices being heard, the more questions are asked,  the more people become involved, and the more things get done. Whether planning a community event, an educational retreat for youth, or a neighborhood cleanup, we have and will always encourage people to join in on the ground floor. The same holds true in our fight for voting rights. We all must join the fight. 

You can learn more about our committee by coming to a meeting held in your city, attend or host a fundraiser,  or invite a representative to address your community group by sending an email to Michael@florida  Meetings and presentations will be listed on our events calendar.

Your Participation Counts

National Assistance Corporation of America (NACA)

"Economic Justice"

Bruce Marks, CEO of NACA

With a small staff and a core group of volunteers, we have been able to build a number of partnerships with like minded organizations from within Florida and around the country. It is our partnerships that has allowed us to invest resources into existing initiatives, do community canvassing, support political candidates that are like minded, host events and encourage residents to become engaged.