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Poll: Floridians strongly support voting rights for felons

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At its core, our faith  is about love, hope and forgiveness. Florida's  policy regarding voting rights' and restoration of rights for those who have made a mistake and received a felony conviction, fails to preserve or emulate any of those key tenants of not only our faith, but our moral code. 

We believe in giving second chances.  We believe that the sum total of a persons life is not simply the mistakes they have made. 

Michael Dobson, Publisher of Talking Florida Politics

You can  email us at Michael@floridavoterscampaign.org  to help us in your area and find out how to get plugged into this effort. Our deadline is quickly approaching. 

Voting gives us dignity, protection and a sense of belonging when it lets us be counted as  citizens and as persons of value. Disenfranching any American by  eliminating their ability to cast a vote, should be made difficult to do...not easy. It should be very rare,  and  not used as a tool.

There are tax paying citizens who do the work to make America strong, but cannot vote because of a past mistake. That is not the American spirit. In America when we make a mistake and overcome adversity, we know our nation to be a place of second chances.  That's who we are and it is what our faith teaches us.