An Ever-Growing Story

Can't commit the time, but want to help us win in at the balllot box by making sure every eligigable voter can actually vote ,  please support this effort with your donation:

Open to everyone, The Florida Voters Campaign PAC  believes the more engaged the population the better. That is one thing we learned early on. We learned that the more we have voters voices being heard, the more questions are asked,  the more people become involved, and the more things get done. Whether planning a community event, an educational retreat for youth, or a neighborhood cleanup, we have and will always encourage people to join in on the ground floor. The same holds true in our fight for voting rights. We all must join the fight. 

You can learn more about our committee by coming to a meeting held in your city, attend or host a fundraiser,  or invite a representative to address your community group by sending an email to Michael@florida voterscampaign.org.  Meetings and presentations will be listed on our events calendar.

Your Participation Counts

Established in  April 2017 by Dobson, Craig and Associates, spearheaded by its President Michael Dobson, associated with The Dream FoundationFlorida Voters Campaign is a Politcal Action  Committee (PAC) registered with the Florida Division of Elections.

It holds civic duty and citizenship in high regard. For a Fair Democracy, we believe that all tax paying citizens should have the right to vote and that we continue to be a nation of collective second chances, automatically restoring the right to vote to those who have paid their dues to society and cannot vote.  It is all so clear with a brief review of history, that Florida's base disenfranchisement of 1.6 million citizens is a relic of Jim Crow, with its beginnings in the actions and schemes immediately after reconstruction by mostly Southern Governors to deny African Americans access to the polls and to further deny full citizenship.

The Florida Voters Campaigns core mission is to  collectively and strategically leverage resources to take our democracy back. Our Campaign fights against efforts that subvert the wills of the voters through political mechanations.. done so on a whim to acheive certain political outcomes, mainly by disenfranchising voters. We believe every resident plays a vital role in the health, diversity, and well-being of our community, city, state and our nation. Our goal and mission, since inception, is to bring citizens together to solve problems and build a brighter future, which can best be accomplished when we  all can participate in our democracy.

With a small staff and a core group of volunteers, we have been able to build a number of partnerships with like minded organizations from within Florida and around the country. It is our partnerships that has allowed us to invest resources into existing initiatives, do community canvassing, support political candidates that are like minded, host events and encourage residents to become engaged. Our movement is based on Christian principles of forgiveness and secular principles of second chances. Join us.