Democracy and Patriotism Through Voting Rights

With the success of the petition for Amendment 4's restoration of rights  inclusion on the Florida ballot, the Florida Voters Campaign is Fundraising for the Campaign to win voter approval in November 2018 at the ballot box. Join and support Florida's veterans and citizens who have been disenfranchised. Florida's Governor and Cabinet has an opportunity to do the right thing regarding our system or restoring voting rights beore the November  elections. 

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                       and having our collective voices heard

Assuring Democracy

"A man without a vote is a man without protection"- Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States

The Florida Voters Campaign PAC in Tallahassee Fl , is a bi-partisan effort dedicated to building a better, stronger, civic-minded community. For a fair democracy, we believe that all tax paying citizens who should have their voices recognized by their elected,  and all tax paying citizens should have the right to vote. We believe that right should be restored automatically  if they've made a life mistake, are not murderers or sex offenders,  and have paid their debt to society for their mistake. That's what Amendment 4 does.

Like you, we believe in "Second Chances".  Our campaign also believe that pour veterans who give their lives to assure our freedoms, s that we can have the democrcay we enjoy should have their rights to vote once they have seved our country and paid their debts to society for a mistake they have made. If you pay taxes  (even sales taxes) , served in any branch of our armed services, have paid your debts for a mistake you should have  the right to vote.   We also believe that with your vote, lawmakers should put you and your family's interest before those of any interest group. 

The Florida Voters Campaigns core mission is to make sure every Floridian has the basic right of voting, with full citizenship to every tax payer. And, no veteran of the military  should not have their right to vote stripped away for a lifetime  in Florida. The Florida Voters Campaign PAC  allows voters to strategically and collectively weigh in at election time so that their voices are heard. In doing so, we make sure that the veterans in Florida can rise up and speakup on behalf of their brothers and sister who have served our country...and are now disenfrancised from voting. We welcome your help  toward these goals, and ask that you join this mission to strengthen  our Democracy by donating your money, time and your help.

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We are a movement to Restore Voting Rights to 1.6 million Florida citizens, many of which are Florida Veterans

Diversity,Inclusion and Participation Is An Asset of Our Democracy;                           Not Hate and Disenfranchisement


Florida Always Supports Its Veterans. Support Amendment 4 

Many have fought for the freedoms and rights we hold dear